A New Line of ‘Bittersweet’ Ice Creams Commemorates the Crappy Year Mexico’s Been Having

Grey Mexico soothes the pain of politics and power outages

As 2018 rolls into summer, it’s tempting to think that the world really did end in 2012 and we’re all living in the hell we deserve. This sentiment is perhaps loudest in the United States, but Mexico’s not doing so great, either. A series of rolling blackouts, a lackluster presidential election, and a looming World Cup matchup with Germany are taking their toll on our southern neighbor’s national self esteem.

Luckily, Pantera Fresca is offering solace. The ice cream brand, along with Grey Mexico, put together a marketing blitz for the artisanal ice cream brand’s 2018 Bittersweet Collection.

As the name suggests, new sweet or bitter flavor from the collection will be introduced every month during this yearlong promotion. And with names like “F#?K, I Didn’t Save,” “B-Plan Needed,” and “Starting Off on the Wrong Foot,” the collection’s tone is snarky and observational, pulled right from the conversations (and frustrated outbursts) of their customers.

“We have always been very close to our consumers, and we listen to them,” says Francisco Macias, “ice cream master” with a focus on marketing and innovation at Pantera Fresca. “We cannot change those things that Mexicans worry so much about, but we can put a bit of humor into them. Through our products and with empathy, we can give them an iced reason to smile. That is the simple and fresh origin of the Bittersweet Collection.”

The brand’s agency partner praised Pantera Fresca for its flexibility and willingness to create new flavors that reflect feedback from customers.

"We cannot change those things that Mexicans worry so much about, but we can put a bit of humor into them."
Francisco Macias, "ice cream master," Pantera Fresca

“The key to this campaign was to transform insights from the conversations of consumers and translate them into new products which in turn feed new conversations,” says Humberto Polar, chief creative officer at Grey Mexico.”Our client’s openness to innovation and the response in terms of production were key for this project.”

Man, it says a lot about this year when even ice cream is a reflection of how much everything sucks. At least Pantera Fresca is acknowledging it with—and I’m so sorry for this—good humor.


Advertiser: Pantera Fresca
Agency: Grey Mexico
Campaign Name: The 2018 Flavor
Name of the pieces: Flavors 2018
Responsible for Client: Francisco Macías
Chief Creative Officer: Humberto Polar
Creative Director: Manuel Vera and Carlos E. Ramiréz
Senior Copywriter: Georgina Portas
Art Director: Ricardo Sánchez
Head of Accounts: Nicole Woodman
Account Executive: Alejandra Trueba
Agency Producer: María Fernanda Sodi
Production house: Santos Films
Director: Pedro Antonio Torres
Photographer: Juan Pablo Ojeda
Executive Producer: Alexa Torcid and Omar Ganem
Editor: Iván Guerrero
Assistant Director: Juliana Gómez
Art Director: Elvia Zarco
Line Producer: Elvia Zarco
Music: stock
Post-production company: Wip Post
Producer Post: Arturo Aguayo
Colorist: Jerónimo Guerrero
Online and animation: Alberto Ruíz
Audio post-production: Antonio Vijosa
Quality control: Alonso Balcazar

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