A Young Gamer Gets the Hero’s Treatment in This Endearing Ad for Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller

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When was the last time you felt the rush of finally mastering the big boss level of a video game with the enthusiastic support of your friends? It’s an exhilarating feeling that only a fraction of us really understand because the experience has often been out of reach for those who don’t fit the paradigm of the erroneously touted “typical gamer” (meaning white, able-bodied, and male).

Little by little, however, the video game industry has been working to close the gap between marginalized gamers and the full community experience of their products. To make their games more accessible, Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller this past September, which was designed primarily to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility. For the holidays, the tech giant partnered with creative agency M:united//McCann for an endearing short that shows the power and joy of inclusion.

The 60-second film, “Reindeer Games,” features Owen Simmons, a 9-year-old gamer living with Escobar Syndrome. As Owen steadily descends upon a major gaming achievement, word quickly spreads around the block. Buzzing with excitement, the neighborhood children rush to Owen’s side to witness a victory that was likely long fought and hold back nothing as they celebrate his win. As they dance and cheer, the spirit of the ad is captured in an overlaying tagline: “When everybody plays, we all win.”

Microsoft conferred with its internal accessibility team and an American Disability Act expert to ensure authenticity and that the story was told appropriately.

The ad encapsulates the intended fun of gaming by showing what it means to the people who play them—an immersive bonding experience as well as a chance for anyone to be a local hero, even if that instance is wrapped in fantasy. It can ring especially true over the holidays when friends and family come together to spend precious time with each other. These moments should be available to everyone, and with steps like these, Microsoft is part of a growing community that is working to make that a reality for everyone.

The ad will launch on NBC during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 22.


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Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.