Agency Holiday Cards 2016: The Coolest, Funniest and Silliest Season’s Greetings

Creative farewells to 2016

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when agency people push all the client work to the side and try to make a cool, funny, sweet or poignant holiday card.

How did they do? Check out some of the offerings below. And yes, we know we probably forgot your agency’s card. So, e-mail it to us and we’ll try to update this story a few times before Christmas.

Here is our final list of 73 cards, alphabetical by agency:

22squared – @TheFeedThatFeeds
22squared created the Instagram account @TheFeedThatFeeds, which is a literal feed of food photography, featuring dishes from top chefs and bakers in the Atlanta and Tampa areas, where 22squared has offices. For every like, individuals will be fed by the restaurant tagged in the photo, and the food will be delivered by 22squared employees to a partner food bank or nonprofit organization. The initiative will run through Dec. 31.

88 Brand Partners – Regifting 2016
Rather than send clients a card or gift, each team member at 88BP was given $500 to use his or her own unique gifts to in some way do good in the world. Check out this microsite to see the regifting stories of how the 88 team tried to make the world a slightly better place.

ab+c Creative Intelligence – Holiday Card by Committee
ab+c created a website where people can view the holiday card, then suggest changes by tweeting @abc_creative with the hashtag #ABCHolidayCard. People can then view the card online, in real time, and watch as someone goes to the computer to make your changes live.

ABC Creative Group – Santa Rebrand
Kris, CEO of the world’s largest toy manufacturer, came looking for a new image for his company that would engage more millennials. Once ABC got rolling on the rebranding campaign, things got real …


Young & Rubicam – Make Peace With 2016
Young & Rubicam’s Make Peace With 2016 is designed to help families, friends, and colleagues end the year on a positive note. The agency is inviting people to select someone they disagreed with this year and make a donation to Unicef on that person’s behalf to help start the new year a little better. Donors can write a message or select from pre-written messages such as “I see your ‘likes.’ I don’t like them. But I like you.” or “It’s OK, everyone makes mistakes, even 2016” to share with the recipient. The donations will support two causes: girls’ education and education for refugee children.

Zimmerman Advertising – Santa Rebrand
The agency explains: “Mr. Claus has been relying on the same business model for as long as anyone can remember. In order to reconnect with his audience and stay relevant, he desperately needed an operations overhaul, a brand revamp, and a media makeover to start. Using the unmatched analytics, marketing, and creative power of The Machine, we helped equip Santa to better meet consumer expectations in the 21st century and beyond!”

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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