Axe Clarifies Much-Discussed Lyric From Recent Campaign: It Does Not Say ‘Suck My Balls’

Sorry to disappoint, YouTube commenters

Glad we cleared that up! Axe
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For the first time in recorded history, something positive (or at least mildly amusing) has emerged from the rancid sewer that is the YouTube comments section.

Earlier this year, Axe and its creative agency 72andSunny Amsterdam released a 15-second spot promoting the brand’s Gold Body Spray line. Beyond the merits of the work itself, backing track “Pure Gold” inspired some serious questions from viewers who’d seen the campaign and took to YouTube in search of answers.

Most of the hundreds of comments amounted to some variation on: “Are they saying, ‘Suck my balls?'”

One can understand the confusion. But fear not, dear readers, for this critical debate is finally over. No, they are not saying that.

In the interest of clearing the air, agency and client reached out to music producer and creative director Diederik van Middelkoop, who reportedly consulted with “lawyers and musicologists” to confirm that the offending phrase does not, in fact, appear anywhere in the track.

Axe then released its official response.

We would include a full list of the phrases that do not appear in the song, but you get the point.

Two questions, however, remain: What is that song saying? And do we really even want to know?


Agency: 72andSunny Amsterdam
Client: Axe
Campaign: “A List of Things That Song Doesn’t Say”

Creative Directors: Adam Koppel, Gregg Clampffer
Producer: Annelien Orbie, Ashlie Hutber
Group Brand Director: Rob Conibear
Brand Director: Angelina Joy
Strategy Director: Fernando Ribeiro
Business Affairs Manager: Julie Katsoula­
Editor: Sanne van Hecke
Sound: Amp.Amsterdam

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.