Budweiser Wants to Remind You to #CallYourMom This Mother’s Day

Because she is—and always will be—your biggest fan

Budweiser shows how a call to mom is usually the first thing following a big achievement for some of MLB's greats. Budweiser

A new Budweiser campaign from Vaynermedia looks back at New York Yankees’ pitcher Luis Severino’s first shutout, Chicago Cubs’ catcher Willson Contreras’ first career home run and St. Louis Cardinals’ infielder Matt Carpenter and Oakland Athletics’ left fielder Khris Davis’ first career grand slams. All of these MLB milestones share one thing in common: the first call each player made to celebrate their accomplishment was to mom.

Because mom will always be your biggest fan.

An official MLB sponsor, Budweiser bought out a 90-second spot that will run on the MLB Network on Mother’s Day during the broadcast of a game between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. The brand will run the 30-second ad featuring Yankees star pitcher Luis Severino calling his mother followed by a 60-second countdown reminding viewers to give mom a call.

“Budweiser has always celebrated the extraordinary people behind iconic American milestones. For Mother’s Day, we wanted to shed an unexpected spotlight on the legends behind some of the most iconic MLB legends and plays: moms,” Budweiser vice president, marketing Monica Rustgi said in a statement. “This campaign honors the role mothers play in some of baseball’s greatest moments.”

This weekend, Budweiser will convert in-stadium LED screens to run the “#CallYourMom” campaign ads and provide gate sticker giveaways and other promotions for fans that prove they followed through and called their mothers at most partner stadiums. Beer vendors at some stadiums will also feature Budweiser and #CallYourMom branding.

The Houston Astros will take the effort a step further by having “#CallYourMom” laser-etched into beer foam at certain areas of the park.

The campaign for the MLB sponsor follows a series of ads celebrating baseball legend and Civil Rights icon Jackie Robinson, kicking off the season-long campaign with the Spike Lee-directed “Impact” ahead of MLB’s Opening Day festivities and following it up with “Rise” the following week.

Back in March, the brand also reimagined a series of its ads from the 1950s for International Women’s Day as part of its #SeeHer partnership.

@ErikDOster erik.oster@adweek.com Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.