Down but Not Out, Gerry Graf Still Believes ‘Creativity Sells a Ton of Shit’

As his agency, Barton F. Graf, winds down, he still stands behind bold ideas and saying no to clients

Gerry Graf wears a shirt, tie and coat and sits in a chair, holding a gift wrapped in yellow with a brown bow.
Gerry Graf's agency, Barton F. Graf, earned a reputation for creative-driven work on clients like Little Caesars and Supercell (maker of Clash of Clans). Barton F. Graf

When news broke earlier this week that independent, famously “crazy” creative agency Barton F. Graf would shut its doors at the end of the year, many ad industry veterans shared their thoughts on the implications behind the slow closure of a shop known for making legitimately unusual work for a wide variety of clients while also poking a good bit of fun at advertising itself.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.