Dr Pepper Snapple Group Rewrites History to Promote Its New Straight Up Tea

The brand revisits the Boston Tea Party for its first campaign

Headshot of Lindsay Rittenhouse

Dr Pepper Snapple Group is starting to spread the word about its new brand, Straight Up Tea, and, while doing so, is spreading some wild rumors about what sparked the Boston Tea Party.

In its first national campaign from the Richards Group, the tea brand (which claims to be made from only all-natural ingredients), takes viewers back to Dec. 16, 1773, where they find themselves on a ship in the Boston Harbor preparing to toss some chests of tea into the sea alongside the Sons of Liberty.

But this time, the protesters could care less about taxation without representation—all they care about is ridding Boston of tea made with artificial ingredients. And they’ll risk death to do it.

One can probably guess which tea brand (naturally) gets spared in the 15-second TV ad below.

The national TV ad will run through the end of August. It is supported by digital and social assets, including one six-second video.

Below are a few examples of the social spots.


Client: Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
Campaign: Straight Up Tea

Creative Directors: Brian Linder, Bill Cochran
Copywriter: Jack Westerholt
Art Director: Will Zamora
Producer: Sharon Chortek
Director: Roderick Fence
Production: Bully Pictures
Post Production: Charlie Uniform Tango
Editor: Alex Campos
Visual Effects: Joey Waldrip/Artie Peña
Colorist: Matt McClain/Filmworkers Dallas
Audio Mix/Sound Design: Jake Kluge and Nick Patronella
Clients: Brent Chism, Nita Sherrard, Ben Kravit
Brand Management: Sean Donovan, Robin Shelby

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