Essential First-Quarter Stats for Agencies and Media Companies

The ups and downs of various industry leaders

An illustrated man with a purple shirt and hand on his chin on a yellow background with thin white lines intersecting and red and gold thicker lines intersecting overhead.
How agencies and media companies performed in Q1 2019. Pixabay

Editor’s note: Adweek worked with Matthew Scott Goldstein, a consultant with a deep knowledge of the media industry, to craft his quarterly newsletter into an Adweek article. Through his findings on various industry earnings calls, we’re bringing you insights about how your favorite brands, agencies, media companies, publishers and tech companies are performing on a quarterly basis. His goal was to go past what the trades were focusing on, which mostly revolved around revenue, and tap into the nitty-gritty data shared on these calls.

Matthew Scott Goldstein is a versatile and hands-on, data-driven consultant with deep knowledge of the media business.