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Changes abound at FCB as it undergoes a leadership restructuring in North America, but the new leaders are all familiar faces for the network.

Tyler Turnbull, promoted to CEO of FCB New York and FCB Canada back in May, will now serve as North America CEO for FCB, overseeing all offices in the region, including Chicago. Michael Fassnacht, CEO for FCB Chicago, will be stepping down from that position after leading the office for nearly a decade. While the appointment is effective immediately, Fassnacht will aid in the transition process through the end of the year. The restructuring will not impact FCB Health.

Turnbull first joined FCB Toronto as CEO in 2014 and was elevated to FCB Canada CEO two years later. Before joining FCB he served as president for Proximity Canada and he has also spent time in planning leadership roles for Publicis Modem in London.

“I am honored and humbled to be entrusted with leading FCB’s next growth chapter in the market where it was born almost 150 years ago. It’s a move that will benefit all our clients for the better, and one that will harness the collective power of our more than 1,500 talented people in the region across one of the most impressive integrated creative-agency brand offerings in the world,” Turnbull said in a statement.

FCB CEO Carter Murray explained that the decision to move to a single CEO across North America was about increasing the ability to collaborate more effectively across offices under a single leader while building on its current culture and solving the problem of keeping the “culture of geography while also having one culture across the company.”

We’re trying to bring our cultures closer together,” he told Adweek while explaining that the decision was carefully considered over the past year.

Murray touted Turnbull’s track record transforming FCB Canada and “energizing” the New York office since taking over leadership this year, as well as his “international experience,” which he called “valuable for context.”

Additionally, Kelly Graves was promoted from CMO at FCB Chicago to president of the office, and Mark Jungwirth was promoted from FCB Chicago CFO to FCB North America CFO.

Graves is an agency veteran of 12 years, having first joined FCB Chicago as an account director in 2007. Prior to her most recent role, she spent time as group management director. Jungwirth has been with FCB for nearly nine years after joining the agency from McCann, where he also served as CFO.

“In all our succession planning, Kelly has always been one of those people on that chart,” Murray said. “She has an unbelievable new business track record, [is] going to be excellent on this job, and knows the company and culture.”

“I think the obvious path for a talent like Tyler or Kelly is to one day run a global organization,” he added. “I think I’ve got five to six executives who will be global CEOs of companies in their career. My job is to hire people that I want to work for one day. We have a lot of very talented people across the network.”

Fassnacht explained that following his departure from the FCB Chicago CEO role he will be taking some time off before determining his next move, adding that it will involve the combination of data, creativity and technology, and may or may not be within the IPG organization.

“I really love FCB and the people I work with, and I’m thankful for everything we’ve done together,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to work with great people for 10 years, and now it’s time for a change.”

Erik Oster is a staff writer for Adweek.