Former Figure Skaters Spin Around the Living Room in Ikea’s Beautiful Tribute to Aging Gracefully

DDB Brussels creates another winning spot

The ad stars two former figure skaters. - Credit by Ikea
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One wouldn’t normally think of Ikea as a brand dedicated to helping people enjoy the golden years.

But a new campaign does just that while creatively highlighting a series of products from the Dutch-based conglomerate’s Belgian division. The beautifully staged spot stars two actors who just happen to be former figure skaters (an older photo appears at 1:17), following them as they move through the apartment in their socks while recreating the passion that animated their younger years.

The dulcet tones of French vocalist Charles Aznavour contribute to the emotional effectiveness of the ad, which is the third in a four-part 2018 series by DDB Brussels titled “Bring your living room to life.

“For creatives, an Ikea briefing is a great challenge because Ikea is a particularly creative brand in its DNA. Every Ikea product is inspiring, smart and surprising,” said the creative team of Antionette Ribas and Gregory Ginerdaele. “We wanted to have the same feeling for the film: surprise and inspire.”

Drawing from the basic insight that the living room is also the center for fun in any house, the team quickly connected the idea of learning to make the most of your home with the universal childhood act of sliding along the floor in one’s socks.

“Choosing old champions obviously adds a lot to the surprise and the real emotion,” the pair said. “We felt that this couple had to dance with a lot of intensity and perfection. By the way, on the set, the two ice skaters really enjoyed sliding and dancing. It was impressive to see.”

Director Joe Vanhoutteghem of Czar proposed the song, and the creative team was immediately convinced that it was the perfect soundtrack to this work. Regarding the emotions inspired by the spot, Ribas and Ginerdaele added, “In the end, we all want to be in their socks.”


Client : Ikea Belgium
Agency : DDB Brussels
Campaign: “Make Room For Play”

Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creatives: Antoinette Ribas & Gregory Ginterdaele
Strategy: Dominique Poncin, Jorian Vanvossel
Accounts: Francis Lippens, Annelies Nyns & Maria-Laura Laubenthal
PR: Kenn Van Lijsebeth
TV Producer: Brigitte Verduyckt

Production: CZAR
Director: Joe Vanhoutteghem
Producer: Lander Engels
DOP: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Music: Charles Aznavour
Photography: John Stapels

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