Fruit of the Loom Turned the Bizarre Stuff Kids Say Into Beautifully Stitched Pillows

The back-to-school campaign made art out of parents' worst nightmares

Oh, you kids. - Credit by Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom’s two-track back-to-school effort is turning parents’ social media oversharing into home décor.

Created by CP+B, “Pillows for Posterity” takes those amusing, quirky, hard-to-believe-my-kid-said-that sayings and transforms them into hand-stitched pillows. When mom is missing Lily when she’s back in school, a quick gaze at a pillow that reads “You ruined my life” will curb the separation pangs.

Using the #thingsmykidssay tag, parents can share their kids’ most memorable saying with family, friends and now, the world. A Facebook video encourages parents to share musings in the comments section by Aug. 29. Artisans will stitch winning quotes—some of which could already be contenders—into classy house pillows.

The second part of the back-to-school campaign, “Tales from Teacher,” turns actual teachers’ notes sent home with kids into three adorable animations including a squiggly worm friend that may have found its way into a girl’s pocket, an errant nacho to the eye and a warning about strawberry-flavored lip balm that was eaten.

Each video reminds parents that they can’t fully prepare for what will happen, but they can be ready for the year with Fruit of the Loom back-to-school packs. Animation house Tulips and Chimneys, London’s Strange Beast and Passion Pictures worked on the “Tales from Teacher” videos.

The campaign follows an equally playful campaign from last year’s back-to-school season and some more grown-up fun for the brand, including a dash for hidden cash in New York City.

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Amy Corr is a contributor to Adweek.