Kantar’s New Analytics Practice Aims to Provide Marketers the ‘Right’ Data

The group includes 1,500 scientists, consultants, technologists and designers worldwide

The hire comes as WPP continues its effort to divest up to 80% of its 100% stake in the London-based consulting firm. Kantar
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Despite widespread speculation about whether WPP will sell off its data investment management division Kantar, the organization is expanding.

Kantar opened the doors today to a new global analytics practice that promises to unlock deeper consumer insights fueled by “the right” data.

Between streamlining the company’s various analytics offerings and bringing together more than 1,500 data scientists and designers, analytics consultants and technologists, Kantar Analytics Practice said it will “combine the world’s most in-depth understanding of consumers with a deep analytics toolkit developed over four decades.”

“Clients feel data rich but insights poor and impact short,” said CEO Eric Salama in a statement. “Kantar is unique in having the most complete view of consumers across the entire demand cycle: the way they live, feel, shop, watch and post. Combining our insights with data from across any client’s organization can unlock deeper insights that fuel growth.”

The practice will include certain units under Kantar like data solutions providers Analytics Quotient and MaPS. It will also aim to better connect clients to its analysts specializing in sales, retail and shopper, media, health and public affairs. Kantar Analytics Practice said its expertise spans five areas: brand and media ROI, customer analytics, segmentation and activation, innovation analytics and retail and shopper analytics.

Kantar added that its own insights will be integrated with clients’ customer data and data from third-party sources. One client already working with Kantar Analytics Practice is Mazda.

“Mazda is a brand that puts fans at the center of everything it does,” Dino Bernacchi, Mazda North America Operations CMO, said in the release. “Kantar’s unique combination of deep consumer understanding and analytical capabilities has enabled us to support our brand values with a rich analytics and insights-led strategy. By better understanding who our customers are, and how their values align with the Mazda brand, we now have the ability to forge deeper connections with our fans.”

MaPS president Christopher Petranto will lead the new Kantar Analytics Practice, which launches at a critical time for marketers, as they are now being forced to take a hard look at how they use consumer data due to GDPR and heightening privacy concerns fueled by controversy over Facebook’s work with Cambridge Analytica and related scandals.

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