Method’s Playful Proclaimers Remake Shows the Fun and Good in Cleaning

They're gonna scrub 500 tiles

"When I wake up..." - Credit by Method Home

There’s more to Method than useful, great-smelling cleaning products; the brand uses plant-derived ingredients and recycled bottles manufactured in a sustainable soap factory in Chicago.

Showcasing the good inside Method’s products, alongside employees who make them and customers who use them, is a charming two-minute video created by Mekanism and its in-house social media agency, Epic Signal.

Catchy doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. The video is set to “I’m Gonna’ Be (500 Miles),” an iconic tune by Scottish one-hit wonders, The Proclaimers. The song became an instant hit stateside when used in the 1993 film, Benny & Joon, and also taught us that the definition of “havering” is: talking nonsense.

You can’t help but smile when viewing this ad. And if it doesn’t serve as a rallying cry for all of us clean freaks, I don’t know what does. This ad positions cleaning as fun. Fun. Not a chore, but an activity that people are proud to partake and gain immense satisfaction upon completion.

“We built an idea that’s about doing good together,” said Laura Wimer, creative director at Mekanism. “To show that ‘clean’ doesn’t have to be all about elbow grease and sparkly white floors — it’s individual personalities, bold colors, vibrant factory workers, and a 90s track we all know and love. Method’s ‘there’s good inside’ campaign showcases how we clean isn’t just a reaction to a mess. There’s a “why” to it—whether we’re cleaning for loved ones, pets, a passion, or ourselves, we all aim to make the world a little bit better.”

What takes the place of walking 500 miles, you might wonder? Cleaning 500 tiles. An eccentric woman who adores her precious cat would scrub 500 tiles “just to keep [her] bathroom colorfully clean for the one that [she] adores.”

After a trip inside the Method factory and a chorus montage featuring customers and employees alike, the video pans out to the sustainable factory where the magic happens.

“When people think of Method, they often think of our beautiful designs and wonderful fragrances, but there’s so much more depth to the brand,” said Doug Piwinski, global chief marketing officer of Method. “This campaign is meant to draw attention to the beauty of what’s inside our bottles – not only how our products are made and who makes them – but ultimately how we are connected to the homes and people who use and love Method. We’re reminding everyone we can all be planet-, people- and pet-friendly, and look good doing so.”

In addition to the anthem video, the campaign includes a series of out-of-home ads and 1:45, 30-second, and 15-second spots running across online video, connected TV, cinema, and social media.


Global Chief Marketing Officer: Doug Piwinski
Senior Director, Brand Partnerships and Collaborations: Jen Haro
Director, Social Media: Shannon Greevy
Global Creative Operations Manager: Karen Brooks

Founder/Executive Creative Director: Tommy Means
Chief Operating Officer: Mike Zlatoper
Creative Director: Laura Wimer
Senior Copywriter: Sarah Anderson
Copywriter: Caroline Johnson
Head of Brand Management: Anna Boyarsky
Sr. Brand Manager: Anne Cathcart
Senior Strategic Planner: Lexi Whelan
Communication Strategy Director: John-James Richardson
Head of Production: Kati Haberstock
Broadcast Producer: Megan Ubovich

Epic Signal
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President: Matt Factor

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Telecine: Company 3
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Stills Photography
Photographer: Annabelle Breakey

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Amy Corr is a contributor to Adweek.
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