Q&A: McCann Worldgroup CEO Harris Diamond on Navigating a Global Organization in a Time of Crisis

From coronavirus to Cannes, a look inside the network's operations and action

McCann Worldgroup accepts their network of the year honor in Cannes last year. McCann Worldgroup

Key Insights:

Last year, leading into 2020, McCann Worldgroup had all kinds of momentum. Most notably, the network was named Adweek’s 2019 Global Agency of the Year off the back of a stellar showing at creative awards like Cannes Lions and recovering well after the high-profile loss of the U.S. Army business after a 15-year run.

Like all agencies, McCann was facing external headwinds, but no one could have foreseen the upheaval that the coronavirus crisis has caused so far. In an internal memo seen by Adweek, McCann Worldgroup CEO Harris Diamond sought to assuage concerns, telling staff to “work from home wherever possible and as necessary.”

Yet, Diamond, like other agencies, especially in holding companies, pointed out that it was critical to “keep McCann Worldgroup up and running to help our clients execute their business strategies and plan for the future.”

With that as a backdrop, Adweek spoke with Diamond to get a sense of the effects of the pandemic internally and what it could signal for the industry now and in the future.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Adweek: There have been other global crises in the past. How are you approaching the coronavirus pandemic at this point, understanding that the situation is fluid and changes by the day?
Harris Diamond: We’re going through an unprecedented time. And we’ve gone through crises before… there was the financial crisis [in 2009], we went through the terrorism crisis in 2001, and we got through a business crisis like 2007. This is obviously different.

First and foremost of concern is our people and trying to make sure that our people are safe, answering all of their questions and making sure that we’re providing all the information we can. At the same time, as you would imagine, we’re also coming up with ideas and talking to clients about things that they should be doing. We got a head start on this with Asia because [that’s where the virus] started, and we’re so deep in China that it gave us some understanding of what the impact would be as it would travel around the world concerning how we do our work.

But we’re spending a lot of time frankly, coming up with ideas, talking to clients, about how they should handle themselves during this time, and obviously, what to do when the crisis begins to wane.

"We have had to adjust and recognize that the fast-changing information flow is having an impact on our clients, ourselves, and frankly, their consumers."
Harris Diamond, CEO, McCann Worldgroup

What have you learned that is informing the way you’re approaching this, especially pivoting with the output?
The main difference between [coronavirus] and others in the past is that the information changes every day. This is not just an event, and I’m not minimizing what happened after the other crises, but this one is an evolutionary event. There’s more information every day, and more issues are arising.

So we have had to adjust and recognize that the fast-changing information flow is having an impact on our clients, ourselves, and frankly, their consumers, the people who they are most responsible for. But the agency business model itself is still intact, it’s still the same, and it’s how well we can continue to create content and get it in the hands of consumers.

Right now, even with our folks at home—and we have quite a few countries in Europe, Italy is the best example, but obviously there are also issues in Spain and some of the others—we’re creating quite a lot of content. And we’re figuring out how to get the creation done. And this is at a time when not all the production houses are open. We still have 10 productions going on in the U.S. and four outside of the country.

We’ve lost some talent that have gotten sick or exposed to someone in a location, so we’ve had to make substitutions. In other cases, we’ve lost the ability to go to the country or site, but we’ve adjusted reasonably well to this point.

@zanger doug.zanger@adweek.com Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.