Want People to Keep 6 Feet Away? This Agency’s Distance Couture Is the Perfect Solution

AMV BBDO created a T-shirt line for the social distancing era

distance couture shirt

It depends on your politics and outlook, but AMV BBDO is betting most people wouldn’t choose to sit next to someone who has a persistent dry cough right now—nor a self-proclaimed anti-vaxxer.

The U.K. agency developed a range of T-shirts designed to scare people away from you (a little) so that you can maintain your six feet of social distance (three feet in the U.K) to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Distance Couture is a limited edition line of tongue-in-cheek shirts designed by artists to raise funds for Britain’s National Health Service. Each has a design created to make people avoid you, including “I’m conducting a customer survey” and “I have a persistent dry cough, but I’m still DTF.”

According to Lauren Peters and Augustine Cerf, the creatives at AMV BBDO behind the project, the designs are “basically PPE for civilians” because they keep people away.

“If these won’t keep people at bay, we don’t know what will,” they said.

Creatives: Augustine Cerf and Lauren Peters
Executive Creative Directors: Toby Allen and Jim Hilson
Producer: Rosie Stipic
PR: Jess Middleton
Designers: Animationseries2000, Simon Landrein, Marco Oggian, Michela Picchi, Paul Bower and Dave Anderson, all represented by Pocko; Katy Edelsten; Daniel Fishel and Leo Leigh, represented by Somesuch

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