‘The Worst Player in the World’ Finds Plenty of Dumb Ways to Die in New PUBG Campaign

AKQA creates a lovable, earnest character who can't get it right

Whoops. That gun was loud. - Credit by PUBG
Headshot of Shannon Miller

From the outside looking in, the gaming community can appear as a collection of intense, very skilled console (or PC) warriors—and for some, that can be intimidating. In reality, the world of gaming is powered by fans that occupy the entire spectrum of ability, ranging from experts to absolute novices. They are all integral to the success of any property, and as with any industry, the variety keeps things engaging. But when it comes to celebrating the Gamer, rarely do we honor those less capable. We indeed never herald the worst player in the world.

But that is beginning to change, thanks in part to Playerunknown’s Battleground, a merciless online battle royale game from PUBG Corporation. Inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, each environment consists of 100 players fighting for dominance and among the seasoned fighters are gung-ho try-hards like Reggie, the protagonist in a new series of ads from PUBG and AKQA aptly titled “The Worst Player in the World.”

Throughout six short videos, Reggie’s enthusiasm for battle is rivaled only by his clumsiness, leading to a carousel of entirely relatable mishaps, such as misfiring his gun or accidentally or falling prey to easily laid enemy traps. In truth, where would champions be without the Reggies of the digital world? Like he says in the short “Smells Like Chicken”: “Rumor has it that when you win, you get a chicken dinner. Let’s just say I’ve helped feed plenty.”

But more than an easy target, Reggie is the living embodiment of perseverance, which is something you’ll need to rise to the top of any game. The campaign acknowledges that Battleground is competitive, but it also encourages those less versed in this kind of arena to keep trying. And sure, it may influence burgeoning gamers to go ahead and buy their copy of the game, sans experience, which certainly doesn’t hurt matters.

Either way, coming from a major gaming publisher, that kind of support could completely change how less experienced players are treated, as well as the perception of gaming culture as a whole. Because for those of us who enjoy the rush of excitement baked into highly interactive, immersive worlds like the one seen in Battleground, we were all Reggie at one point or another.

Executive Creative Director: Josh Combs
Associate Creative Director: Graham Davis
Senior Art Director: August Östberg
Senior Copywriter: David Svedenström
Senior Producer: Maddi Clarke
Account Director: Faris Raucci
Senior Project Manager: Christian Knoch
Production: PF100
Director: Ricky Mabe
Editorial: Gattie & Lopez
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Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.