Theranos Was Founded on Elizabeth Holmes’ Lies, and Marketers Fell Prey

We have to be better than the ‘fake it till you make’ mindset

a picture of Elizabeth Holmes in a black turtleneck
Holmes and her business partner face criminal charges. Getty Images

The story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos is already Silicon Valley folklore. It is a story of an entrepreneur with impeccable credentials who hoodwinked investors, customers, partners, employees and even her own board on a journey to an $8 billion startup valuation before it all came crashing down.

@shivsingh Shiv Singh is the co-author of the new book Savvy – Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News in the Post-Trust Era. He is a former Visa and PepsiCo senior marketer, has his own marketing consultancy, sits on the board of directors of a Fortune 500 company and has been ranked by Adweek as a Top 50 marketer (#11).