These Brilliant Ikea Posters About Sleep Will Make You Look Twice

Mother London's campaign uses large-scale models to eye-catching effect

Sleep aids and other products were reimagined at large scale and then photographed with Ikea bedding. Mother London

Sleep: when we get enough, it rejuvenates and energizes us, leaving us fired up and ready to take on the day. But when we don’t–thanks to crying children, insomnia, Covid-19 anxiety or a good old boozy night with friends (remember those?)–we can feel pretty horrendous, groggy and exhausted when the morning alarm goes off.

A lack of sleep can also leave us looking a little older than our years, with puffy faces and dark circles under our eyes, which makes hiding a late night frustratingly impossible.

To promote Ikea’s sleep range, Mother London has created a clever visual poster campaign, titled “Tomorrow starts tonight” that heralds the benefits of sleep over any of the other faddy things we turn to to make up for a lack of it – including energy drinks, expensive beauty creams, and supplements.

In one, an energy drink looks to have spilled its contents–an Ikea sheet–while the branding on the can says “sleep boosts your energy.”

In another, a jar of beauty cream with its lid removed reveals an Ikea duvet. The message: “Sleep. The most natural anti-ageing remedy.”

The final poster shows a bottle of vitamin supplements left open with pillows, rather than pills, scattered across a surface. The branding on the bottle says: “Sleep naturally supplements focus and memory.”

The series of mildly provocative posters will run in the U.K and Ireland.

The artwork was shot by photographer Amy Currell, who used large-scale models designed by Andy Knight Ltd and then stuffed in Ikea bedding.

Earlier in the yea,r Ikea in Russia found another clever way to present its range beyond traditional product shots. Agency Instinct created instructions for parents on how to make tents and forts indoors made from Ikea items in order to create a sense of adventure for children cooped up at home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The “easy-to-follow” instructions showed how every day items like blankets, bedspreads, chairs and stools can be transformed into a new hideaway.

Client: Ikea U.K and Ireland
Strategy: Mother
Creative: Mother
Production company: The Miss Jones Agency
Photographer: Amy Currell
Stylist: Amy Friend
Model making: Andy Knight Ltd

@saramayspary Sara Spary is a freelance journalist based in London. She's been a reporter for eight years, covering advertising and consumer brands.