These Top Marketers and Media Execs Are Showing a Way Forward Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

Members of Deutsch N.Y.’s team huddle via Zoom

As the global health crisis continues to wreak havoc on businesses of all kinds, large and small, industry leaders are battling to adjust to a vastly changed marketplace. There’s no question that the challenges they’re facing are unprecedented, and there’s also no question that they are facing them head on.

We know because we reached out to members of Adweek’s Advisory Board, Brandweek’s Steering Committee and other leading figures across marketing and media for their insights. From rethinking how their employees work to finding smart, creative ways to deliver for their clients—and their employees—despite a climate of fear and uncertainty, they are showing a way forward.

We are grateful to them for making time to share their thoughts, and we trust you will find their commentary as illuminating as we did. Online and in these pages, we will continue to highlight vital perspectives for adapting to the new normal—because we believe in this industry. And we believe in you.