This Campaign Reminds Us How Much Time We All Waste on Social Media

Read something better ... like a book

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How many hours a week do you spend on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? More importantly, what sort of value do you really get from that time?

According to a new campaign from Friends\TBWA of Bucharest, Romania, the answer is “very little.”

“Read Something Better” suggest that one’s time may be better spent consuming something a bit more worthwhile than a Facebook fight or a Twitter thread … like, for example, an actual book.

In order to make that point, the agency created two digital spots that summarize the material one actually absorbs when mindlessly scrolling through a social feed.

The work promotes Romanian publisher Black Button Books.

“Romania has one of the lowest reading rates per capita, so together with our client, Black Button Books, an indie publishing house, we decided to try to do something to encourage people to read more … and better,” read an agency statement provided to Little Black Book Online.

“The campaign is based on the insight that people don’t realize how much they actually read online every day, and they don’t realize how much of it is worthless. … So, by confronting them with this truth, we hope to spark awareness and make them read something better, at least from time to time,” the statement continued.

The work also includes print placements mocking the three most popular social networks.


Agency: Friends\TBWA
Client: Black Button Books
Campaign: “Read Something Better”

Executive Creative Director: Eugen Suman
Client Service Director: Ioana Teodorescu
Head of Strategy: Alina Buzatu
Senior Art Director: Paul Nedelcu
Art Director: Theo Nistor
Copywriter: Teo Chiripuci
Illustrator: Fesus Barna
Jr. Strategic Planner: Adriana Vasile
Photographer: Almost Ready Productions
Production: Blind Cat Production / Avanpost
Director: Vlad Gliga
Producer: Mircea Cioban

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.