This Musical Agency Leverages Data and Taste to Find the Perfect Bands for Brands

Nue Agency has worked with Sour Patch Kids and Virgin Mega

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One surefire way to ensure a successful partnership between a brand and a musical artist is by embedding the latter into the creative process. That’s something Nue Agency learned through its seven years managing and working closely with musicians.

The agency started as a talent representation house in 2007 before pivoting to a creative music agency in 2014, but the team never lost its penchant for listening to both the brand and artist’s needs and ideas. “We’re able to push back” on certain brand approaches, agency president and partner Alex Kirshbaum explained, but in a way where the artist can feel confident about the campaign and brand.

For Sour Patch Kids, Nue in 2015 created The Patch, a crash pad for artists touring in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Austin, Texas. In exchange for staying in the space, artists need only post about it on social media to bring attention to Sour Patch Kids. Nue Agency sourced over 200 emerging artists to spend a few nights.

To bring top musical partners to clients like Virgin Mega or LiveMe, the agency developed proprietary technology that matches artists and brands based on geographic and demographic data. “It’s not taste versus data,” Kirshbaum said. “We don’t think data is the be-all, end-all. There’s a lot to having your finger on the pulse, knowing what’s in market and knowing what’s hot and relevant.”

Nue Agency partnered GE with artist Gryffin to create an original song for this ad about how energy flows.
For broadcast app LiveMe, the agency had 120 musicians perform in five New York subway stations, ending with a set by Wyclef in Grand Central Terminal.
The Patch, for Sour Patch Kids, popped up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Austin, Texas, for on-the-road artists in need of a crash pad.
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