Tool of North America’s Evolution From Production Company to ‘Creative Production Partner’

L.A. shop does everything from broadcast advertising to AR and VR

(L. to r.) Tool of N.A. managing partners Oliver Fuselier and Dustin Callif and founder Erich Joiner - Credit by Courtesy of Tool North America
Headshot of Erik Oster

A year ago, Tool of North America began calling itself a creative production partner rather than a production company, making official the evolution it has undergone over the last several years.

“We’re doing more consulting and ideation than we ever have,” said managing partner Dustin Callif. “We do not compete with agencies for work,” he stressed, adding that Tool’s clients are “looking for something different than what an agency offers.”

Tool utilizes everything from broadcast advertising to AR and VR experiences to communicate a brand’s message.

It helps that the Los Angeles firm attracts talent ranging from feature film directors with no prior commercial work to experiential specialists. “We have some of the best technologists in the world and some of the best storytellers,” founder Erich Joiner said, adding that technology is moving so fast that “brands and agencies don’t even know what can be done right now compared to six months ago.”

Recent projects include “Fall in Love VR” for Oculus and a campaign promoting Ford’s return to Le Mans.

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