Trojan Man Makes a Riotous Return as Your Guide to the ‘Big Sexy World’

He’s no fan of underwear or unprotected sex

Well hello again, Trojan Man. Trojan

After a six-year absence, Trojan Man girds his loins once more in the condom brand’s first campaign from 72andSunny.

In commercials of yore, our hero remained something of a mystery, with only his gloves in plain sight. Now, portrayed by slim, frizzy-haired actor Jason Blynn, the dude dispenses relationship advice (and rubbers, natch) as he guides folks through our oft-confusing “Big Sexy World.”

The first spot below delivers a musical message that sets the tone with lines like,

“It’s a big sexy world of sex out there/People having intercourse everywhere.
So many types of sex to choose/We understand if you’re confused.
We need a guide for these sexy times/With confidence and seductive chimes
He lives up in a secret lair/and he’s not a fan of underwear.”

What an impressively large … gong.

As for his robe, well, it’s the thinnest on the planet — barely there, yet providing supreme pleasure! (Could that possibly be a metaphor?):

Who does Trojan Man’s hair, Richard Simmons?

Next, he explains how sex is like a peanut-butter sandwich:

Yeah, creamy or crunch, it’s all delish.

TM also discusses emotional vulnerability (good!) vs. physical vulnerability (bad!) — from the comfort of his sensual bathtub, of course:

Finally, a bunch of quickies, including “Butt Stuff,” which you won’t be able to wipe from your mind easily:

“The conversation around sex is shifting,” says Trojan marketing vice president Bruce Weiss. “While young adults are exploring, they are still left with plenty of questions. Whether it’s answering the age-old questions to navigating the new frontier of sexual desires to demystifying a new set of relationship norms, we felt that people needed a trusted guide who inspires safe, confident exploration of modern sex.”

“Since his introduction over twenty years ago, Trojan Man became famous as this interruptive, gloved hand who showed up with the goods when you really needed him,” he says. “This led us to ask, ‘Who is the man beyond the sleeve?’ Turns out he’s a sex-positive, sensual adventurer. A modern guy who is open to anything, but always has an eye on protection and shares his knowledge and humor to inspire others.”

Trojan Man’s modern identity includes an active presence on social media. Just don’t expect to see his kinky ‘do a whole lot on Instagram. “I don’t take selfies — just #Sexies,” he explains.

All in all, a memorably goofy effort, and the kind of stuff that makes us wonder what they’ll unsheathe next.


Client: Trojan
EVP CMO: Britta Bomhard
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@DaveGian David Gianatasio is a longtime contributor to Adweek, where he has been a writer and editor for two decades. Previously serving as Adweek's New England bureau chief and web editor, he remains based in Boston.