180LA Tries to Recruit a New Creative Director With a Sneaky Award Entry at Cannes

Targeting the judges directly

Headshot of Tim Nudd

CANNES, France—Where can you find the world's best creative directors? They're sitting on Cannes Lions juries. So, if you're looking to hire a great new CD, why not approach those juries directly—with award entry that's actually a sneak recruitment ad?

That's what 180LA has been doing this week.

The agency entered the video below into four Cannes competitions: the Direct Lions, Film Lions, Radio Lions and Press Lions. It's a mock case study explaining the kind of personal "results" a creative director can get by joining 180LA. It then includes an email address and phone number for the CDs to get in touch. And if they're not interested, they're urged to "pass this idea to the shortlist and help change the life of another CD."

It won't actually make any shortlists, of course. The stunt is most certainly not a film, radio or press campaign. You could argue it is a direct campaign, though of course the results are yet to be known—precluding any awards it might win in that category.

But it is a fun idea, if a bit spammy, and has prompted some juror tweets, as you can see below.

The Cannes festival might frown upon this kind of jury ambushing, though of course the stunt did cost a couple of thousand dollars in entry fees—which always makes the organizers here happy.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.