24 Hours in Advertising: Monday, June 1, 2015

Iowa prepares for the media storm, and Facebook gets GIFs

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Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked.

Buzzing on Adweek:

Bud Light's Pac-Man star talks Super Bowl spot  

Riley Smith, the star of Bud Light's 2014 Pac-Man Super Bowl spot, told Adweek how he landed the gig, where the stunt took place and what the experience was like. (Adweek)

Iowa store makes funny shirts for journalists

Raygun, a Des Moines-based clothing store, has released a line of witty shirts in preparation for the wave of media that will arrive to cover the 2016 Iowa Caucus. (Adweek)

Bud Light comes to Snapchat 

Bud Light will now run ads within Snapchat Stories, making it the first alcoholic beverage company to do so. (Adweek)

GIFs come to Facebook

Facebook users can now share animated GIFs with friends, but the GIFs don't seem to be up and running on brand pages just yet. (Adweek)

Around the Web:

Intel closes in on Altera deal

Intel Corp. is one step closer to closing a deal to purchase Altera for roughly $54 a share. (The Wall Street Journal)

Google works on smart apparel

Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group is reportedly working to build real wearable technology that is sewn into the fabric of your clothes. (Bloomberg)

Charter-Time Warner merger pays off for top execs 

A handful of men, including Time Warner Cable CEO Robert D. Marcus, stand to gain huge sums of money from the pending Charter-Time Warner merger. (The New York Times)

Potential agency talent heads to tech firms

Young people entering the advertising workforce are increasingly joining companies like BuzzFeed and Google, as more creative positions open up outside of traditional agencies. (The Wall Street Journal)

Spotify's audience likes heavy metal 

Recent data published by Spotify showed that metal fans are the most dedicated bunch of music listeners, with pop fans trailing behind in second place. (Mashable)

Industry Shake-Ups: 

Accounts in Review

Royal Caribbean is one step closer to naming its next media agency, while General Mills announced a review of its media business. (Adweek)

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