3 Ways Legacy Brands Can Remain Relevant in a Commodity-Driven World

While competing with savvier challengers

7 recognizable brand logos; the brands are Kleenex, la Croix, Apple, Xerox, Acrons, Clorox, and Intuit Mint
Legacy brands remain important to consumers because they've figured out how to differentiate themselves. Kleenex, La Croix, Apple, Xerox, Acorns, Mint, Clorox

The gravitational pull of commoditization should be on the mind of every brand marketer, even those who manage the most innovative and disruptive brands in the world today. Often thought of as a concern for only the most ubiquitous products and services, the effect of commoditization doesn’t discriminate, impacting the dynamics of every market, industry and category. With the common flight path from wunderkind disruptor to everyday mainstay, brand managers should plan for their own obsolescence, navigating the near-inevitable course toward commodity status.

Jim Misener is the president at 50,000feet, Chicago.