4 Brands Unplugged for Earth Day to Brainstorm—Vote for Their Best Ideas

Choose between Philips, Reckitt Benckiser, Barclaycard, Coty

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Ad agency Iris Worldwide yesterday invited clients to come to its downtown New York office to come up with marketing ideas the old-fashioned way—no Web, no email, no smartphone, no nothing. But the meeting of these minds was centered on commemorating Earth Day as much as it was to brainstorm during a digital cleanse. 

Attendees included reps from Reckitt Benckiser brand Air Wick, Philips Lighting, Barclaycard and Rimmell London, and, while discussing concepts with the agency, they were charged with developing a solution for how it could make NYC a better place.

Iris shared what the crew came up with for their particular companies. It's still undecided whether the concepts will see the light of day, though Adweek readers have a chance to express their opinions on which ones are winners versus losers.

Below is a brief description of the brands' creations. Scroll past them to vote.

Air Wick (Reckitt Benckiser)

How can Air Wick create a fragrant oasis wherever you are in NYC? A three-part answer: 1. a pop-up location that generates donations to the National Park Foundation (one of Air Wick's key partners in the U.S.); 2. by taking over subway cars with scent, sound and sight to bring national parks "to life"; and 3. crowdsourcing community projects and engaging New Yorkers in creating "an oasis" in their city.

Philips Lighting

How can Philips bring the power of light to NYC? Again, three answers: 1. By harnessing human energy such subway foot-traffic, bikes and gyms to donate power to areas that need better light like inner-city schools; 2. enhancing mood with through secret light gardens? 3. by providing LED bulb packaging for when New Yorkers move apartments so they can take their investment bulbs with them and benefit from their long life.  

Rimmel London (part of Coty)

How can Rimmel London help make Gotham more beautiful? This brand had four ideas: 1. By partnering with eco-centric company Bionic Yarn to create makeup bags from recycled product packaging; 2. by developing wish trees around the city; 3. by injecting color in NYC through soy paint packets on bikes; and 4. by asking people to use bikes and explore new places in the city by following the beautiful color tracks.


How can Barclaycard bring about spontaneous acts of collaboration in NYC? By revolutionizing the way small businesses can collaborate and encourage consumers to shop local while inspiring random acts of kindness from individuals throughout the city.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.
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