5 Ways Brands Can Get Away From Collecting ‘Likes’ and Do Better on Social

Lessons from Social@Ogilvy and SurveyMonkey

For brands to successfully use social media to help achieve their business goals, they need to move away from simply collecting likes and getting retweets and instead provide relevant, genuine interaction with their customers and brand boosters.

That's the bottom line of a new survey released yesterday at Cannes by Social@Ogilvy, the social-media arm of Ogilvy & Mather, and SurveyMonkey, the online-survey company. The companies polled 5,500 social-media users in 11 countries.

The results of the survey suggests that brands should focus on key "brand promoters" rather than simply active social-media users. The survey showed that while 55 percent of U.S. respondents are social sharers—those who follow brands and post about their experiences—only 19 percent are brand promoters who self-identify as being extremely likely to recommend brands and products to friends.

The survey points to five ways brands can build relevance and trust on social media and attract those promoters, the companies say:

  1. Brands must connect naturally with the right audience in the right place at the right time.
  2. Brands must use culturally relevant storytelling that flows across platforms and markets in real time.
  3. Brands should focus on harder business metrics like leads, sales, performance and loyalty.
  4. Brands must move from focusing on broad demographics to using behavior, interest and friendships to target its audience.
  5. Brands should move from community management to customer engagement.

"Through genuine interaction and content designed to connect with true advocates, companies can drive forward their brand, business and reputation in ways not possible before this era of social media," Thomas Crampton, global managing director at Social@Ogilvy, said in a statement.