6 Buzziest Pro- and Anti-Obamacare Marketing Moments

Between two ferns and a creepy Uncle Sam

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GetInsured, a nine-year-old health insurance online retailer, gathered social media numbers for the various buzzy moments that have transpired around the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., Obamacare) during the last several months.

Mountain View, Calif.-based GetInsured sells healthcare packages for Obamacare-era providers like Oscar as well as longstanding names such as Humana, Anthem, Aetna and Coventry. So, its concerns are much more about the color of money than blue or red politics. And with that in mind, the Web company's findings represent the progressive and status quo sides of the healthcare debate.

GetInsured pulled social stats from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and YouTube and provided them exclusively to Adweek.

Here are the six most viral moments in Obamacare marketing, per GetInsured's research.

1. Thickety humor. President Barack Obama appeared on comedian Zach Galifinakis' "Between Two Ferns." The online program drew cheers from the political left, while garnering jeers from the conservative right. Regardless of viewpoint, it proved to be a show-stopper.

•       Total social shares: 344,835

•       21 million video views

2. Lost in translation. On his late-night show, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street: ACA or Obamacare, which do you like better? People had strong opinions, while hilariously lacking knowledge on the subject at hand.

•       Total social shares: 326,041

•       3.9 million video views

3. About the check. During February, Gator's Dockside diners found a 1 percent Affordable Care Act surcharge on their lunch and dinner tabs. The eatery's owners were not fans of Obamacare, and the story caught the attention of mainstream media and social channels.

•       Total social shares: 44,509

4. Monster mash. Conservative activist group Generation Opportunity created its "Creepy Uncle Sam" videos, designed to discourage millennials from signing up for Obamacare. The ads debuted in September, with Uncle Sam menacingly appearing during a young woman's pap smear, with the message: "Don't let the government play doctor."

•       Total social shares: 32,254

•       2.2 million video views

5. The Doge Meme. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services borrowed from an Internet phenomenon, called "Doge," in an effort to enlist more consumers in Obamacare. The meme, featuring the picture of a dog with captions indicating he thinks in broken English, was borrowed by HHS in the below photo and posted to the agency's Facebook page.

•       Total social shares: 5,795

6. Brosurance, huh? Okee dokee. In October, nonprofits ProgressNow Colorado and Colorado Consumer Health Initiative partnered to create the hashtag #brosurance with promos featuring dudes doing keg stands as well as the copy, "Not having health insurance is crazier." The campaign, dubbed Got Insurance?, also featured a riff on the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme for women with a "Let’s Get Physical" ad: "OMG, hope he's as easy to get as this birth control." Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart mocked the bad ads.

•       Total social shares: 5,664

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.
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