65% of Millennials in Advertising Think Their Agencies are Innovative

One-third are bored by their company's work, though

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Sixty-five percent of the millennials who work in advertising think their agencies are innovative, according to an IdeaPaint survey of 600 people ages 20-32. It's probably debatable whether that percentage should have the ad world shouting from the rooftops, given more than a third of respondents apparently believe their agency is doing boring work.

But all things considered, said John Stephans, IdeaPaint president, the number is a positive signal for an industry that needs all the tech savvy, new blood it can find. He pointed out that the only sector that fared better was technology—where 77 percent of those sampled think their place of employment is innovative. And education (55 percent) scored much lower than advertising.

"There's an expectation from millennials that companies will tap into what they bring to the table," Stephans said. "Companies who find that mindset benefit from it. And I think the advertising industry has historically done well in that regard, and that's why it got such high marks here."

Meanwhile, here's more on why millennials believe their employers lack in innovation:

  • 49 percent said poor management is dragging their company down;
  • 45 percent stated that the lack or misuse of technology solution is to blame;
  • 38 percent felt that outdated collaboration processes hinder their company’s innovation.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.