A Vampire’s Bloodlust Gets Clock-Blocked in PlayStation’s Fun Ad About Distracting Details

BBH New York's campaign celebrates the PS4 Pro's 4K graphics

Sure, blood is great, but when was the last time you stopped to admire a well-crafted watch? - Credit by PlayStation
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If you happen to find yourself surrounded by a gaggle of bloodthirsty vampires this Halloween, don’t fret. Even without a wooden stake or holy water at your disposal, you may be able to slip away with the help of chic accessories.

At least, that appears to be the saving grace for the protagonist in PlayStation’s new PS4Pro ad, “Vampire Hunter,” from BBH New York.

The 30-second ad is the second installment of what’s intended to be a three-part campaign called “Missed Details,” which features popular character archetypes who find themselves captivated by the details of their environment in the middle of rather pressing tasks. In “Vampire Hunter,” three vampires have cornered their helpless victim against a banister. Just as they prepare to feast on his blood, one of the attackers stops—as does the action:

As the vampire admires the hunter’s stately timepiece at length, one of his cohorts stomps away in annoyance, dubbing him the world’s worst vampire. What’s so wrong about appreciating fine jewelry?

The humorous campaign is meant to highlight the power of the stellar details in the PS4 Pro, which is equipped with 4K-TV capability.

“Vampire Hunter” follows the ad “Armor,” which centered two medieval knights musing over armor patterns in the midst of a sword fight.

Below are the credits for “Vampire Hunter.”


Eric Lempel, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing
Mary Yee, Vice President, Marketing
Eric Lachter, Director Brand Marketing
Cody Morales, Brand Manager

BBH New York
Gerard Caputo, Chief Creative Officer
Jonathan Mackler, Executive Creative Director
Scott Cooney, Creative Director
Diego Fonseca, Creative Director
Lili Bravi, Designer
Ed Zazzera, Head Of Production
Corinne Porter, Content Producer
Shelley Giera, Content Producer
Librado Sanchez, Director Of Business Affairs
Brett Edgar, Head Of Account Management
Kendra Schaaf, Group Account Director
Johnny Skwirut, Account Manager
Alex Zadeii, Assistant Account Manager
Cameron Wells, Project Manager
Kendra Salvatore, Head Of Strategy
Dylan Fauss, Strategist

Production Company: Anonymous Content

Director: Tim Godsall
Director Of Photography: Darko Suvak
Managing Director: Eric Stern
Executive Producer: Sueellen Clair
Head Of Production: Kerry Haynie
NY Sales: Paul Muniz
NY Sales: Stacy Gillman

Line Production Company: OPC Production

Edit: Mackcut Editorial
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Assistant Editor: Brendan Hogan
Assistant Editor: Pamela Petruski
Executive Editorial Producer: Gina Pagano

VFX and Finish: The Mill
Executive Producer: Eliana Carranza Pitcher
Line Producers: Bugs Russell & Michael Brown
Shoot Supervisors: Eliana Carranza Pitcher & Kristine Nordella
Creative Directors: Nathan Kane & Corey Brown
2d Lead Artist: Corey Brown

Color: Company 3
Senior Colorist: Tim Masick
Producer: Kevin Breheny

Music & Sound Design: Q Department

Record & Mix: Sound Lounge

Slaughterhouse Studio Production Manager: Meg Volk
Slaughterhouse Editor: Jim Schwartz
Slaughterhouse Post Producer: Maggie Miller

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Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.