Accent On Speed

To tout its cooking program In the Kitchen With Bob, QVC has created a TV spot that stresses chef Bob Bowersox’s versatility — while employing multiple speeds at once.

The 30-second spot, done in-house by the West Chester, Pa., home-shopping channel, is slated to break May 20. It begins with Bob flipping a pancake in slow motion, set to a jazzy score. But the camera pans left — and Bob’s there again, now ladling sauce in normal time. Next to Real-Time Bob the chef appears again, dicing veggies in sped-up time.

As the various Bobs interact with each other, a voiceover says, “He’s chopped almost 2,000 pounds of vegetables, sautZed over 2,300 cloves of garlic, shared hundreds of fast and easy recipes, and sold nearly 400 tons of cookware. But there really is just one Bob Bowersox.” To which Bob says, “It’s that simple.”

David Orr, QVC associate creative director and the spot’s director, said the idea behind using the different speeds was “to emphasize the different aspects of cooking” and give the ad a “spontaneous” feel, highlighting the sense of improvisation.

“That’s what cooking’s all about,” he added.

The spot will run as a cross channel on networks such as USA, TNT and TNN, and on QVC.