Accounts in Review: As With Other Media Searches, Mondelez Is Only Considering Insiders

Consolidation is not the goal of Mondelez International's global media review, but rather efficiencies.

So, in the end, contenders and current roster players Carat and MediaVest will remain, according to a Mondelez representative. What may change, though, is who handles what regions and, of course, how much they're paid.

Also, as Mondelez's other two media shops, PHD and Madison, are not participating in the review, their assignments are up for grabs, too. PHD handles planning and buying in the U.K., Ireland and Mission, India. All told, Mondelez spends about $1.5 billion in media globally each year.

As a roster-shop-only affair, Mondelez joins a number of marketers that haven't considered outsiders in their media searches this year, including Citi, Coca-Cola, SC Johnson and Wells Fargo. Collectively, the five searches represent $3.5 billion in annual media spending—merely a drop in the pond of the more than $18 billion in play right now.