Ad of the Day: Carlsberg

Would you have the guts to brave a movie theater full of bikers?

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As we've learned many times in recent weeks, real-world advertising stunts are not without their risks. ConAgra and Ketchum had that hidden-camera fiasco with the food bloggers. Dodge and Wieden + Kennedy ran into problems with their hidden vehicles. It's never a sure thing. But it's a whole lot easier when you keep the variables to a minimum—even if you have to enlist dozens of bikers to help you out.

The Carlsberg stunt below is a good example of low-risk, high-reward guerrilla marketing. Belgian agency Duval Guillaume Modem filled a movie theater with intimidating-looking bikers, leaving just two seats open in the middle. As innocent moviegoers arrived, they had to decide whether to brave the crowd—or slink away with their tails between their legs. As you can see in the video, many of them weren't up to the challenge. But those who were got rewarded in brand-appropriate fashion in a way that reinforces the new tagline, "That calls for a Carlberg."

Ridiculously simple and not particularly relevant to beer drinking, you say? People love it anyway. The video has been a stunning success. It was posted to YouTube last Thursday. Six days later, it has almost 2.5 million views. "Carlsberg is a well-known brand, but people didn't necessarily know what the brand stands for," the agency says. "[It] stands for tradition, quality, great taste … and making the right choices." The brand certainly made a decent choice with this one.


Client: Carlsberg

Agency: Duval Guillame Modem, Belgium

Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson

Creative Director: Katrien Bottez

Creative: Koenraad Lefever

Creative: Dries De Wilde

Production Company: Monodot

Director: Cecilia Verheyden

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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