Ad of the Day: Coors Light

The brewer ambushes a summer pool party with the frosty taste of winter

You're hanging out at the pool, just trying to relax on a sunny Florida day and say hi to some foxy babes, and you say to yourself, "Hey, I'll get a Coors Light," because it's important to hydrate, and Coors Light is the water of all beers.

So, you go up to the bartendress, who's all like, "Hey," and then you're like, "Hey, um, I'll take a Coors Light," and then it's just BOOM!

The pool is totally overrun by an army of hard-core frosty dudes in winter parkas, all popping out of freezers and zooming in on snowmobiles and bestowing upon the dudes and babes all the greatest water-beer they could ever wish, like sweet manna from heaven, because the pool gods are great and everyone is all like "WOW!" and you're like "WOW! Brews for all!"—even though you knew the whole time that there were cameras rolling.

This new ad for Coors Light, from WPP agency Cavalry, jumps on the ever-more popular prankvertising bandwagon—from which brands attempt to shock and awe people into actually paying attention to advertising, instead of ignoring it. The stunt-dazzled people in this commercial apparently didn't know exactly what events were in store for them ahead of time, but did know there was filming happening on location. The reactions you see are real, the agency says.

Maybe, but if so, they're the best-ever real reactions that happen to look staged to look real. By a bunch of real people who also happen to look like actor-models. At a pool party to which only real people who look actor-models were invited.

But that's probably just because this is the coolest pool party ever, or as Coors Light puts it "The Most Refreshing Place on Earth." That's not to be confused with "The Most Interesting Man In the World," Dos Equis's spokesman, who even years into his campaign—the current gold standard for beer advertising—remains more refreshing than this ad.

Yes, the dogs are cute, and it's an amusing sight gag to see a sled whizzing past a palm tree. But as the entrances get increasingly dramatic—all the way up to the helicopter's arrival—they start to feel less charming and more extravagant. As YouTube commenter puts it, "Most expensive way to drop off a six pack, ever." Perhaps worse, the whole thing starts to feel dull. Of course there's an airdrop. Or, in the words of another YouTube hater, "Far too much effort for a Coors."


Client: Coors Light

Agency: Cavalry, Chicago

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.