Ad of the Day: FedEx

When you absolutely, positively have to save your friend from becoming a zombie

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Like it or not, there's life in the undead yet.

Zombies are refusing to go quietly in pop culture, and so, of course, the same is true in advertising. In this new FedEx commercial from the Philippines, the savages are closing in on a convenience store, where some friends are holed up, waiting for a delivery that will supposedly help one of them, who's been bitten. In classic panic mode, they're bickering with each other when suddenly there's a rattling at the back door. What could it be?! A horrible stinking corpse come to gnaw on your gray matter? Of course, it's just the FedEx man, blissfully oblivious to the shuffling pandemonium outside and apparently privy to all secret convenience-store entrances. And he's brought the anti-virus with him! So, they can treat the pale, shivering guy with it—and if that doesn't work, they can install it on the nearest computer and really clean out that hard drive.

Zombie ads are all about the execution. The gorier and grosser, the better. A recent highlight was TBWA's Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection spot—cinematic in its disgustingness. This FedEx spot is pretty good, too. Just don't try this anti-virus stuff at home. In the event of an actual zombie bite, sorry, but that leg will have to come off.


Client: FedEx

Agency: BBDO Guerrero, Philippines

Chief Creative Officer: David Guerrero

Executive Creative Directors: David Guerrero, Brandie Tan

Creative Director: Joe Dy

Copywriters: David Guerrero, Joe Dy, Meggy de Guzman

Art Directors: Brandie Tan, Rizza Garcia, Jeck Ebreo

Account Team: Jean-Paul Burge, Katy Parr, Ombet Traspe, Iking Uy, Irene Leung

Planner: Andy Wilson

Production Company: Prodigy

Director: Tim Bullock

Executive Producer: Jonathan Samway

Producer: Serena Paull

DP: Geoffrey Hall

Post Production: Prodigy

Editor: Adam Wills

Production Design: Enzo Iacono

Sound Design: Simon Kane / Song Zu

Music: Damian de Boos-Smith / Sound Planet

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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