Ad of the Day: How One Travel Agency Fell in Love With a Giant Beached Sausage

Hey, it could happen

If you want to see a contender for the year's most bizarre ad, here's one about a bunch of people stroking a giant sausage on a beach.

McCann Mexico created the spot for online travel agency Best Day.

Why, you might ask? Because, spoiler alert, when you're sitting in cramped coach class on an airplane, a mashup of you and your neighbor's newspaper headlines might cause you to confuse a novelty butcher product with a stranded whale. But if you book with BestDay, you'll get a roomier, less weird seat.

Perhaps to its credit, it's less explicitly phallic than the billboard sausage that a Costa Rican beer brand erected over a highway last month. It's kind of a silly idea, a bit too charmed by its own desire to be clever and provocative, but not entirely without entertainment value.

In fact, its biggest problem is probably the totally ridiculous notion that anybody reads newspapers anymore.


Client: BestDay

Product: Online Agency Travel (OTA)

Agency: McCann Mexico City

Chief creative officer: Javi Carro

Creative director: Breno Cotta

Copywriter: Breno Cotta / Juan Pablo Balcazar / Eduardo Espinoza

Art director: Alejandro López

Production team: Juan González / Rafael López

Production house: The Maestros

Director: Gonzalo Oliveró

Production Team: Enrique Nava

Sound production: Look As Audio

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.