Ad of the Day: Jenny Craig

The weight-loss brand introduces its newest spokeswoman with a big rippin' reveal

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These days, every diet program worth its weight in frozen meals has to have at least one big-name celebrity willing to prance around in something tight to show off their newly pudge-free figures. Jenny Craig threw a bikini on Valerie Bertinelli. Weight Watchers got Jennifer Hudson to belt it out (how many times have you wanted to hurl something at the TV if you hear her version of "Feeling Good" one more time?). Hell, even NutriSystem snagged a famous spokeswoman—well, they got Marie Osmond.

With such a steep level of competition, it's no surprise Jenny Craig has upped the ante by teaming with one of the biggest names in divaliciousness for its latest spot. And Jenny is sparing no expense—or taste, for that matter—in revealing her.

Instead of a soaring musical number or an eager personal tale, the ad features a mysterious cocoon made of glittery (there's a hint for you!) black fabric—from which, it appears, someone is desperately trying to escape. Rip! A stiletto emerges. Rip! An arm! Golden hair! Some really big rings! There's some body-part lingering, some hair tossing, and OH MY GOD IT'S MARIAH CAREY!!!

There's sure to be more in store, because our songstress, attired in a floor-grazing black loincloth, remains silent instead of telling us about how she miraculously shed her baby weight, and then some. (Anyway, we can read about it on the cover of the new Us Weekly.) The spot is part of a whole brand makeover for Jenny Craig, down to a shortening of its very name—from now on, the brand will simply be known as Jenny (another good reason to pick Mariah, who likewise barely needs her last name).

Mariah says she wants to shine a light on the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle, and to inspire her children and future generations to be healthy. "I'm just here as a catalyst. Ideally this will help create awareness—my goal is to at least make a difference," she says. That sounds fairly humble. But poor Jennifer Hudson must be quaking in her little white dress.

@adweekemma Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.
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