Ad of the Day: JetBlue Gave Three Hard-Working Buskers in NYC a Delightful Surprise

Charming Rokkan stunt is music to their ears

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Stroll through the busy streets of New York City (or any city, for that matter) and chances are you'll hear and see street performers playing beautiful melodies. If you're like most busy New Yorkers, though, you'll have your headphones in, head down, paying little to no attention to your surroundings.

For those who make a living playing music on the street, it can be discouraging to see people walk by, day after day, unaware of the hard work they've put in.

JetBlue, with creative agency Rokkan, figured out a way to recognize a few of these buskers, and offer them a life-changing opportunity in the process, with this "Let Music Move You" stunt. 

Watch the stunt first, spoiler free: 

In partnership with VH1 Save The Music and students from P.S. 48 in the Bronx, the airline presented three musicians with a year of free airfare. Kids from P.S. 48 approached each of the street performers and presented them with their vouchers, which of course was all captured on film.

The stunt is similar to work JetBlue has done in the past, from offering flyers free trips for enduring crying babies on a long flight to encouraging New Yorkers to steal bus-shelter ads for a reward including round-trip flight vouchers. This particular stunt gives the viewer a warm, fuzzy feeling after seeing the emotional responses each deserving performer has upon receiving a year of free travel.   

The hope now is that these three performers will spend the next year traveling across the country and inspiring people, young and old, with their amazing musical abilities. 


JetBlue: "Let Music Move You"

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