Ad of the Day: Kimpton Hotels

Where every room comes with the most charming and fun-loving yoga mat

Life is short and full of pain. And there's nothing worse than being stuck in a lifeless hotel room on the most stressful business trip of your life—reports sprawled about, a calendar you can't make sense of, an Excel chart that seems as if it's in Chinese.

To make matters worse, your boss calls … but all you really want to do is find George Clooney's character from Up in the Air. You probably won't find him, but it's OK to dream.

Thank goodness, however, that you're staying at a Kimpton Hotel, the boutique hotel chain whose every room comes with a yoga mat. And according to this amusing spot from Portal A, it's not just any yoga mat. It's an unbelievably persuasive, Fabio-like yoga mat whose mission is to "make all that stress melt away."

With "Mat," you'll enjoy a romantic '70s-style montage with slow-motion sprints down the hall, shiatsu, bike rides and massages by the pool. Be careful by the pool, though—Mat isn't exactly a strong swimmer.

After your 24-hour romance with Mat is through, he'll even shock one of your chakras with a good laugh before bed. Let's hope you've enjoyed the last 24 hours, too, because you'll wake up and realize you got nothing done and will be back in the same situation as you were the day before.

But hey, at least you had fun, right? Namaste.


Client: Kimpton Hotels

Agency: Portal A

Director: Kai Hasson

Director of Photography: Jackson Myers

Producer: Nina Reyes Rosenberg

Editor: Sari Tracht

Graphics and Animation: Cinesaurus

@iamjohntejada John Tejada is a video producer for Adweek.