Ad of the Day: Kobe, Messi Trade Epic Selfies for Turkish Airlines

Latest comedy of one-upmanship

More Messi, more Kobe—this time, Turkish Airlines (which, you will remember, has pitted the two athletes against each other before) has the epic-est epic selfie contest of all time.

There is much flying back and forth, much face-licking of CGI lions, and much money spent both by the sports stars in the fictional world of the ad, and also presumably by the agency, the London office of Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

To be completely honest, the only shot that is a completely unqualified win as far as I'm concerned is the punch line. Kobe photobombing Messi at the Hagia Sophia Blue Mosque is great, although I do like the shoulder monkey taking the picture of Kobe in the jungle.

It's a cute spot with fun music and two likable guys, though I still don't quite get the demographic for this ad, unless I underestimate the draw of Kobe Bryant outside the U.S. or Lionel Messi within it. Seems like a very serious effort to have one's cake and eat it too, but not entirely a successful one.

At any rate, it certainly communicates (to this weary traveler, at least) a positive brand message: You can fly all around the world on Turkish Airlines and still be able to smile at a camera. Dude, sold.


Client: Turkish Airlines

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, London