Ad of the Day: Packages Roam the Streets Looking for Their Owners in Cute Postal Ad

Missed your delivery time? Swiss Post will find you anyway

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Here's some cute, simple fun from Jung von Matt/Limmat for Swiss Post—an outdoor stunt in Lucerne, Switzerland, in which 30 modified packages were seen roaming the streets, looking for their intended recipients.

The technology couldn't have been simpler: The packages were propelled by remote-controlled cars, operated by 30 professional remote-controlled-car drivers (yes, apparently there is such a thing).

The point? If you miss a package being delivered, you don't have to collect it at the nearest post office. You can go online (or to the Swiss Post app via a QR code on the delivery slip) and determine where and when to get your parcel.

In other words, it will come to you.

In the film, the packages contained gifts. And the recipients' reactions were captured live and unrehearsed, the agency says.


Client: Swiss Post

Head of Communication: Ruth Mathias

Head of Marketing and Online Communications: Martin Gonzenbach

Online Manager Marketing and Communications: Monika Dellenbach

Agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat

Executive Creative Director: Alexander Jaggy

Creative Director: Pablo Schencke

Copywriter: Alain Eicher

Consulting: Marco Dettling, Roman Meister, Roman Mösli

Art Buying: Deborah Herzig

External partners

Director: Simon Nagel

Props: Valentin Altorfer

Music: White Horse Music

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.