Ad of the Day: Reliant Energy

Matthew McConaughey helps make moving day better

Moving sucks, to put it simply.

But when you're standing shell-shocked in your new home, surrounded by stacks of boxes containing your uprooted life, Reliant Energy says it will make things a little easier. Because, if you use the company's services, at least your electricity, phone, Internet and cable will work.

A new campaign from Grey San Francisco and directed by David LaChappelle features cross-sections of a classic nuclear family's new home, frantic with moving-day activity. Matthew McConaughey performs the voice-overs, offering soothing promises as to how Reliant's myriad services will make you feel better.

The concept is good, and the visuals are charming enough. Some of the jokes are kind of chuckle-worthy. For example: Accidentally packing the cat in a cardboard box.

At the same time, the executions don't seem to quite realize the idea's potential—never quite turning the corner from cute into persuasive, and occasionally veering off into the realm of the patently absurd. "Of all the reasons there are to move, the most attractive is the energy-saving Nest learning thermostat you get when you sign up for the Reliant 'learn and conserve' plan." Not so much. A better job, more room, and a better school district are all, in fact, more attractive than a home appliance. Unless that thermostat is so smart it can manage your stock portfolio to an early retirement, store all your winter clothes and home-school your children.

The family, meanwhile, comes from the pansy school of movers, hiring professionals to do all the heavy lifting, instead of renting a U-Haul and strong-arming friends into spending their Saturday sweating into an old t-shirt while trying to maneuver a couch through a narrow doorway. Still, Mom is frantic beyond hyperbole, and definitely needs something more than a new energy company—maybe a Xanax?

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Client: Reliant

Agency: Grey, San Francisco

Executive Creative Director: Jack Fund

Creative Director/Copywriter: Michael Buss

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Mark Chila

Agency Producer: Jackie Vidor Bombeck, Florence Babbitt

Director: David LaChapelle

Production Company: HSI

Producer: Ron Mohrhoff

Director Of Photography: Bill Pope

Editor: Spencer Susser, Rock Paper Scissors

Music: Mophonics

Mix: Loren Silber, Lime

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