Ad of the Day: Samsung

Dad may be the swaddle master but the kid has him beat in this Galaxy S4 spot

There is no one—and I mean no one—less cool than a new parent. The arrival of a newborn instantly transforms the late-night partier into a midnight feeder, and designer duds are a risky proposition in a new world awash in the byproducts of baby's digestion. And friends? They still do brunch, only you're not there anymore.

In its latest Samsung spot, targeting new dads (and women who coo over cute dads and babies), 72andSunny makes a hard left away from pushing the Galaxy S4 as the cool kids' alternative to the iPhone. In it, a new dad is on his own for the first time, trying to swaddle and calm his newborn son while Mom runs errands. She calls to make sure all is well as the baby fusses on a changing table, and Dad answers with the Galaxy's signature swipe of the hand. "We're having a dude's day here. We're fiiiine,” he says, perhaps a bit too emphatically. "You take the weekend if you want to!"

With one hand on the child, Dad can't type, but instead asks his Galaxy to search YouTube for swaddling tips. Voila! With the smartphone's help, he is quickly able to produce the perfectly swaddled son. Dad's relief is palpable, and a self-satisfied smile spreads across his face. The baby begins grinning, too—but for a different (and hilarious) reason.

Since last year, much of Samsung's marketing has been directed to touting the Galaxy as the super-advanced and ultra-cool alternative to that stodgy old iPhone your clueless mom and dad use. In this latest effort (somewhat reminiscent of this 2011 AT&T spot), the techy features are still center-stage, but it's the applicability of these features that is emphasized, not their buzz factor. This audience isn't showing off phone features to be cool or as a symbol of social status—rather, they are using them to immediately simplify their lives.


Client: Samsung

Agency: 72andSunny

CEO/Partner: John Boiler

Client: Samsung Galaxy S4

Executive Creative Director: Jason Norcross

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