Ad of the Day: Samsung Unwraps Awesomely Bad Smartwatch Spot

Meet the Galaxy Geardo

This new Samsung web ad introduces us to a new brand of technology stalker: Meet the Galaxy Geardo. He's the epitomy of what frightens people about the wearable future, made closer by the commercialization of smartwatches and Google Glass.

He's a weirdo with a watch, and he stalks women he just met, and he is as cheesy as can be. Samsung, which is already something of an expert at getting the worst out of actors, managed to wrap every bad feeling one associates with new technology into this ad for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

There's the smugness of the early adopter trying to impress a woman, who in the real world would care less about how uncool he looks talking into his watch.

There's the high creep factor of the Geardo as he follows the woman down the ski slopes snapping pictures and video of her.

When she actually calls him, he answers his watch, "Hi, pretty lady."

There's a bumbling rival, whose only stumbling block to winning the woman's affections is that he doesn't have a smartwatch. This other guy is a doofus who seemingly hasn't mastered the art of using a phone. Every time he goes for his phone, he drops what's in his hands like those people in infomercials who can't use knives, door handles or light switches like normal human beings.

There's so much the watch can do, but get you a date if you behave like this person is not one of them. The commercial deserves praise just for how awesomely corny it is and showing the world that there are worse people than Google Glassholes.

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