Ad of the Day: Tap King

You wanted a beer, but is it Lionel Richie you're looking for?

This man has delicious-looking beer in his fridge. Also, Lionel Richie.

It's a fantastic use of one of the most recognizable songs in history, which is perhaps why it's no longer on YouTube, and it's also a wonderful way to make use of that crawl space between the linen closet and the refrigerator, though it's probably kind of cold in there for Lionel, and Lord only knows what it cost to install that chandelier and tune the piano, to say nothing of rights to the music and union wages. That's assuming he's working for scale, too, which seems unlikely. I suppose if you want to do this yourself, you'd want to get the surviving members of Three Dog Night doing, say, "Joy to the World," or maybe somebody from Bread.

It's the flirting that makes this one good—Richie and Anonymous Beer Fan are so happy to see one another, and ABF's bashful acceptance of his beverage of choice is the cherry on this particular sundae. Kudos to Richie for being game enough to do this—the guy's got a gift for comedy here.

I also love that ad agency BMF makes a point of showing us that our guy is passing on the champagne, the pickles, the OJ, the leftovers and pretty much everything else you'd expect to find in a normal person's fridge. Usually in an ad like this, it's all condiments, to emphasize the thrill of discovering a beer (or a personal keg, in this case). But really, not even the best Bruno Paillard Cuvee is going to hold a candle to Lionel Richie telling you that you always know just what to say. Look at that adorable little shrug—the man is putty in our pianist's capable fingers.

Let's give them their privacy, shall we?


Client: Tap King

Agency: BMF, Sydney, Australia

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