Advertisers Eye SAG Awards

LOS ANGELES While marketers continue to watch for developments in awards season, the SAG Awards are set to go forward Jan. 27 with interest from such brands as MasterCard and L’Oreal.

“[Generally] there is talk of more people wanting to be around and to be participating in the SAG Awards,” said Tom Julian, svp, strategic director of trends at McCann Erickson, New York, as well as the style voice for “They are truly credible, and they are sanctioned by the WGA. … That might be the first time where we see all those … actors together and showing their face and supporting their craft. There are more heightened activities now around the weekend of the SAGs than ever before on site-integrated programs [and] everything from dinner sponsorships to charity tie-ins to insider events.”

As for commercials, MasterCard and L’Oreal are returning advertisers that are planning a presence during the program this year.

MasterCard will have two commercials airing during the SAG Awards and is involved in an integrated TNT Web tie-in. (TNT is airing the awards show.)

“MasterCard is huge fan of awards shows,” McCann evp Mark Strong said. “The SAG Awards in particular offer a very high-quality audience for us.”

Noted Ellie Williams, media director at GSD&M’s Idea City, Austin, Texas, which handles media for MasterCard: “I won’t say [the WGA strike’s impact on awards season] affected plans too much. … Certainly these strikes have made us more aware of the placements that we are in. But given that SAG Awards is going to air as planned and live, it’s a great environment for our campaign.”

L’Oreal also is slated to air several spots during the SAG Awards. While unconfirmed at press time, Subaru is also said to be advertising during the event.