Adweek Radio: Parental Improv 101

What it's like to raise children in the middle of a pandemic

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Dianna McDougall
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Parenting is already hard work. Add in a pandemic, and it’s merciless.

Parent-teacher conferences have taken on a whole new meaning these last few months, mostly because millions of parents have become teachers—or at least teacher’s aides—as their kids learn from home.

On this week’s episode of Adweek Radio, we focus on parenting and what it’s like to teach in the time of Covid-19. Despite its challenges, this week’s guests said parenting can still be rewarding. Sandra Oh Lin, founder and CEO of KiwiCo, JM Herrmann, vp, strategy director at Giant Spoon, Adweek senior writer Lisa Lacy and Doug Zanger, Adweek’s agencies editor join us for this conversation.

You can listen to the podcast here on Adweek, or on your podcast player of choice.

@joshochos Josh is a video producer at Adweek.