Adweek Together: What About D&I?

Keeping the conversation going, despite the change in how we work

Headshot of Chris Ariens

Issues around diversity, inclusion, equity and equality in the workplace are hard fought on a good day. So what happens when a global pandemic upends how we work, leads to layoffs and even shuts down businesses? How are companies ensuring D&I stays top of mind?

Well, Adweek, for one, is keeping the conversation going with the launch last week of our biweekly D&I TBD podcast. Our first guest is Glenn Singleton, founder of the Courageous Conversation series and president of Pacific Educational Group. Agencies editor Doug Zanger continues the conversation today on Adweek Together.

Adweek Together is a daily live discussion, at noon ET, hosted by our editors along with the leaders of the companies we cover, seeking guidance, solutions and information—together. For inquiries and feedback, email us at

@ChrisAriens Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.