Adweek’s 25 Cincinnati Brand Stars of 2019

Meet the leaders and rising stars shaping one of the Midwest's most innovative hubs

Headshot of David Griner

Ask anyone in Cincinnati what they love most about the southwestern Ohio city, and you’ll hear a litany of favorite restaurants, breweries, startups, nonprofits, parks, attractions and festivals. But you’ll also hear one refrain time and again: all the big city benefits but with small town charm.

Home to eight Fortune 500 companies—most famously global CPG giant Procter & Gamble—Cincinnati punches well above its weight as a hub of tech innovation, culture and activism, while also remaining united by a sense of community often lacking in larger markets. Here’s a look at Adweek’s inaugural list of Cincinnati Brand Stars who are helping drive the city forward.

David Griner is creative and innovation editor for Adweek. He's been covering agencies, creativity, technology and marketing innovation for more than a decade and is host of Adweek's podcast.